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Combo Season Pass to Six Flags for Serenity who likes to ride roller coasters

Posted Dec, 5, 2017
Serenity would like to go to Six Flags one day. She She likes to ride the rides at the State Fair but has never been to Six Flags. She would like to go with her sister who is also requesting Season Passes.

Learn More About Serenity

Serenity is 12 years old and lives in Dallas, TX

Serenity is a people pleaser and would love to be a part of a forever family. When faced with issues from her past or any confrontation, she often has a difficult time and has a tendency to shut down; however with a better balance of structure and nurturance, she could build more trusting relationships. Serenity is a sweet, kind, funny and compassionate girl. She wants to be a part of a family that is very loving and kind. Given the chance, Serenity would make a wonderful daughter.

The Wish Story

Dec, 4, 2017

The Homes for Children Corporation requests this wish for Serenity.

Dec, 5, 2017

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Dec, 11, 2017

Shari grants the wish for Serenity! Thanks Shari.

I hope that you and your sister have a wonderful Christmas, Serenity! Have fun at Six Flags!

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