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A tip to Epcot for Nathanyl who loves science

Posted Oct 26, 2018
Nathanyl's foster brothers have been talking about Epcot a lot lately which has sparked a big interest for Nathanyl. He would love to be able to go to Epcot and tour the amazing park with his foster siblings. Nahtanyl loves science and is super excited to see what awesome futuristic science Epcot has to offer.

Nathanyl is 11 years old and lives in Arlington, TX

Nathanyl has struggled a lot with behavioral issues since being placed in my home. He is developmentally delayed and suffers from past abuse and neglect. He seeks a lot of attention and is constantly in need of someone either talking with him or playing with him. He enjoys watching television, especially football games. He also likes to play with his tablet. He will try to play with the other children but his social skills are poor and oftentimes the others do not want to be engaged with him. He recently started doing puzzles and he seems to like those. He also enjoyed building a village with magnetic blocks at a kids event recently.

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Nathanyl receives the gift from The Homes for Children Corporation!

"Nathanyl will be so excited to finally visit Epcot center. Thank you for making his wish come true."

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