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A Birthday Surprise for Cindy who is an exceptional youth

Posted Feb 20, 2020
Cindy is a single parent who is approaching her 19th birthday. She has been working incredibly hard to start a new, independent life, and has lived for the last 6 months on her own in a new apartment. For her birthday, we'd love to surprise her with a gift certificate to Target, her favorite store. She'll be thrilled to buy herself a gift just for her, as most of her resources have gone to supporting her new baby.

Cindy is 23 years old and lives in NY

Cindy is a remarkable new mother who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She's living independently for the first time in an apartment and is learning new life skills every day. Cindy is interested in cooking and hopes to one day be a chef. So far she's mastered macaroni and cheese and wants to expand her Haitian cooking. Cindy has high hopes to continue her education, as well as raise her daughter with love and kindness.

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