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A Kobe Bryant Jersey for Randy who always looked up to Kobe

Posted Mar 18, 2021
Randy is a huge fan of basketball and has always been a Laker fan. Randy has been watching and playing basketball since he was a kid. His favorite sport is basketball, and his favorite player is Kobe Bryant. Randy grew up watching Kobe Bryant and looked up to him as a role model. When Randy was in foster homes, he would play basketball every day to keep his mind off not being with his family. Watching Kobe Bryant play every game brought joy to him and inspired him to do great. Kobe Bryant passed away on January 26th, 2020. It was tough not only for Laker fans but especially for Randy because he was his hero and he brought joy to his life and helped him get past his tough days in foster care. Randy has always wanted a Kobe Bryant jersey to cherish. He will wear this jersey with pride if his wish is granted.

Randy is 22 years old and lives in Long Beach, CA

Randy is a first-generation college student attending the California University of Long Beach. He is a transfer student, and he is majoring in Finance. He is in his junior year and is expecting to graduate in the spring of 2022. Randy’s dream is to graduate from CSULB and attain a bachelor's degree. Randy believes that this is the best way possible to find a career that will keep him and his family financially stable and secure. Randy hopes to get into a career in which his degree will have prepared him. He is aspiring to be a financial analyst or work in real estate finance.