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A Speaker for Vontaya to enjoy listening to music

Posted Mar 1, 2021
Vontaya loves music and loves to listen to music while cooking, playing video games, and spending time with her family of four. Over the holidays she received a gift card, from another source, and decided to use for something special that she would otherwise not buy herself. She picked a well reviewed speaker that she can sue to listen to music all through her apartment. Unfortunately, Vontaya encountered numerous problems with the gift card vendor and the value of the gift card was lost. Vontaya is extremely disappointed as she was hoping to get this special gift for herself and her family that was out of the ordinary. It would be wonderful to help Vontaya still get this treat in spite of the failed attempts.

Vontaya is 24 years old and lives in New York, NY

Vontaya is a strong young woman building a beautiful family. She moved into her first apartment last year and worked a full-time job in city park maintenance until the COVID-19 outbreak. Vontaya is a COVID-19 survivor and made it through a hard pregnancy to welcome her baby boy. Vontaya and her partner feel complete with their two children now and she is looking forward to working again and is exploring the idea of going to school for electrical engineering.