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An Enhancing of the Curb Appeal of Lexie's home with a front door painting project

Posted Jun 22, 2022
Although Lexie is a busy mom, she is ever conscious of making her house a home. She loves doing little projects to beautify her space and keep her house looking sharp. With this wish she will be able to purchase some paint in order to give her front door a little make over and make her exterior as warm and welcoming as she is.

Lexie is 25 years old and lives in Grand Junction, CO

Lexie is a hard working woman with a determined mindset. She doesn't let anything get her down and always pushes forward with an optimistic outlook. She is raising her 2 year old daughter to be a strong and independent woman while also raising her teenage sister. Together they are amazing and won't ever give up. In Lexie's spare time she loves taking videos of her daughter dancing, spending time outside, baking, and always has a smile on her face.

The Wish Story

Foster Alumni Mentors requests this wish for Lexie.

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Awesome Human grants the wish for Lexie! Thanks Awesome Human.

"I enjoyed painting my front door and picking out a new wreath and planters with flowers. It made a huge difference in how I felt coming home every day. I hope this gift can do that for you too. Taking pride in what you own will take us far! Be sure to clean and dry your paint brushes so you can use them again. And pick out a color you will love! Enjoy this and take care."

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Alumni Mentors for Lexie.

Foster Alumni Mentors receives the wish!

Lexie receives the gift from Foster Alumni Mentors!

"Yay! Thank you! I am very excited to paint my front door. Recently discovered my love for renovation projects and I have been dying to bring a pop of color to my house. Thank you for helping bring color to mine and my families life. ??"

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