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A Toddler Friendly Monster Truck Toy for Jahzier who is celebrating a very special birthday

Posted Sep 21, 2022
Jahzier loves playing with monster trucks, toys that make noise or play music, and big building blocks. His mom, who he is not in the custody of, would like to give Jahzier something for his third birthday, but can't afford to buy him anything right now. With this wish he will be able to get 4 amazing trucks that he will be able to play with for hours on end!

Jahzier is 2 years old and lives in Portland, OR

Jahzier is a sweet and giggly toddler who has been in out-of-family foster care for a lot of his little life. Jahzier has experienced a great deal of trauma which has led to health and development concerns. He has special needs that may require life-long care taking. Jahzier is learning more and more everyday through his explorative play.

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