About Mealani

Mealani is 7 years old and lives in Mountainside, NJ

Mealani is a stunning girl whose winning personality and expressive eyes captivate everybody she meets. A lover of toys and cartoons, she can frequently be found playing with her Barbie dolls or stuffed animals. Mealani is an active and motivated student who loves school and interactive teaching toys. A quick learner, she is learning to use sign language to communicate and is asserting her independence by propelling herself in her wheelchair without assistance. Mealani has been in the foster care system since 2013. She has resided in a long term specialized care facility since her initial placement, but she would thrive in a home setting. Mealani is diagnosed with respiratory disease and a swallowing delay. She requires a feeding and breathing tube, but she is making great progress with regard to breathing on her own and staff is hopeful that she will eventually no longer need the breathing tube. She is also learning to communicate through an iPad application. Through the iPad, Mealani is able to express her feelings and needs. While Mealani is a very inquisitive child, her unfortunate lack of being able to speak makes it difficult to know what she wants to do or how she is feeling. Mealani is able to use an iPad at school, but cannot bring the school's iPad out of the classroom and therefore, has a difficult time conveying her wishes to staff without it. Having her own iPad would transform Mealani's ability to express herself.


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