Dameon Caldwell's Legacy Fund

Dameon wasjust 27 years old when he passed away in hospice care on July 27, 2022. 

This fund initially began to grant his final wishes, one of which was to plan his own funeral; a nontraditional memorial service focused on love, hope and joy. This fund has since become a Legacy Fund - as Dameon requested - to aid those impacted by foster care who are either members of the LGBTQ+ community or who are living with terminal or serious chronic illness.

Dameon was failied many times by many systems. He grew up in foster care from age 7 until high school, moving around from group homes to foster homes and never being adopted. He recalls his time in care as feeling like he was constantly being watched but never being guided. He felt lost and unsure during his teen years and when he came out to the people around him, he wasn't accepted as he hoped he would be. But Dameon turned a childhood of trauma and disappointment into a life filled with service and love. He founded his own nonprofit and ran food banks for at-risk families. He mentored kids in foster care who needed a voice and a face that looked and sounded like their own. He became an avid and well-respected gamer on Twitch where he found a supportive community that loved him fiercely. 

And even as Dameon laid in his hospice bed, constantly medicated to deal with the pain, he was still thinking about others, creating this fund to help those like him. Before he passed, Dameon was able to choose and grant several wishes and it brought him great joy. We hope you'll help us continue adding to this fund so we can do even more in his honor.

If you have any questions at all, please direct them to info@onesimplewish.org. Thank you for being a community built on love. We need you so much right now and we are so grateful you're here.


Impact of Dameon's Legacy Fund

To-date, Dameon's legacy fund has granted 14 wishes totaling $8,212. Read the wishes below.

A New Suit for Paul 
Pediasure Supplement for Julian 
A Ring Doorbell for Brenda 
Medication Support for Tashia 
A Laptop for Kih'asia
Electric Bill Support for Anntesha 
A Smart Dash Camera for Ryan
A new special chair for a special boy named Jerry
School clothes for Milo
A Dresser for Shane
A Nintendo Switch for Lacey 
A Laptop for Robby 
A Nintendo Switch for Maxinne 
A Pair of Wireless Earphones for Wesley

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